Torch Awards Program Overview

Note: Individual Torch Awards Applications have not been transferred to the new site and are not available. Please return to this page in the near future to view Torch Award Materials.

Welcome to the 2023 FJMC Torch Awards website. This website provides the objectives, categories, guidelines and applications for the Torch Award program, as implemented for 2023. Feel free to take a look and become familiar with it, as you consider submitting an application for the 2021-2023 cycle.  This website will be updated and improved in the coming months to reflect lessons learned.

Thank you to all those who participated in the 2021 Torch Awards. We are gratified that 57 clubs participated by submitting 119 applications. This was a record for FJMC.

Past applications going back many years are available here under “Past Torch Award Winners”. Please use this as a resource for programming and planning club activities. These applications are filed by year, category, club and program. You can view all applications if you are logged in.

The purpose of the Torch Award Program is to:

  1. Promote development of new, adapted or enhanced club programming and practices.
  2. Reward programs and practices that achieve excellence. Gold, Silver and Bronze Torch Awards are presented based on the individual quality of programs.  The awards are given across many broad categories.
  3. Disseminate the best of club programming and practices.  Entries will be accessible through the FJMC website for other clubs to read, view video, adopt or adapt.
  4. Use Torch Awards as example programs to assist all FJMC clubs to qualify to receive FJMC Quality Club Awards.
  5. Provide selected entries for display at the Convention Program Fair, showcasing the effort and creativity of Men’s Clubs across North America.
  6. Educate and stimulate club leaders at Convention with program ideas.

See the 2023 Torch Award Program Guidelines.