Torch Award Categories

“Light Your Men’s Club’s Way with Torch Awards”

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be given at the next International Convention. Awards will be given for innovative, adapted or enhanced program development in each category.  Programs should be submitted for consideration in one of the following Categories:

  • Club Administration – Publicity, membership enhancement, leadership training, etc.
  • Community Outreach – Programs that donate time and/or resources to benefit the community
  • Educational Programming – Programs focused on learning in an area outside of other categories, whether for youth or adults
  • FJMC Other – FJMC programs which are not included in the other torch award categories
  • Fundraising – programs which involve your club and community in raising funds
  • Health and Wellness – Programs that promote physical and mental health
  • Hearing Men’s Voices – Innovative formats or topics which engage new members in ongoing sessions; integrating into other synagogue activities; or formation of new HMV groups in other communities
  • Imagine Life – Programs that address mental illness, including substance abuse, and help to reduce the stigma surrounding.
  • Inclusion – Programs that address, promote and encourage welcoming and inclusion of underserved communities as per the Inclusion Resource Guidebook.  Submissions should include at least 5 of the inclusion practices expressed in the guidebook.
  • Israel / Masorti – Programs that promote Israeli or Masorti causes worldwide
  • Jewish Observance – Programs that encourage, promote, and develop Jewish observance
  • Joint Programming – Programs run between local, regional, national, or international clubs
  • Men’s Club Shabbat – Programs which engage members as Shabbat leaders and grow your club
  • Programming for Younger Men39 and younger – When we reach out to younger men, we strengthen our abilities and importantly help build for our clubs’ strong future.
  • Shomrei Ha’aretz – Programs that promote and address environmental concerns
  • Synagogue Service Project – Programs to support specific needs of the congregation
  • World Wide Wrap – We lead by example and teach through innovative engagement using all media, method and spirit
  • Shoah Yellow Candle – Programs which distribute Yellow Candles and encourage solemn remembrance
  • Family And Youth Programming – Programs which engage families, and or congregation youth from pre-school through high school
  • COVID-19 – New or adapted programs that are innovatively produced in the face of COVID-19
  • Best Overall Activities – High standard of a full year’s activities.

If you are not sure of the most appropriate category, the chairmen will review your submission and decide for you.